FROMSEOUL Inc. Joins MWC LV 2023 to Showcase ‘EDEN’ Metaverse Avatar Platform, Aiming for North American Market Expansion

FROMSEOUL Inc. has unveiled its strategic move to conquer the North American market with its groundbreaking metaverse avatar platform, ‘EDEN,’ by confirming its participation in MWC LV 2023.

In a bid to revolutionize the metaverse landscape, FROMSEOUL’s ‘EDEN’ platform offers more than just a virtual experience—it provides a robust ecosystem for creators, including a diverse array of virtual streamers. This marks a departure from conventional platforms that restrict users to standardized avatar styles and often suffer from compatibility issues across different metaverse ecosystems. FROMSEOUL has taken a bold step forward by introducing an avatar creation solution that transcends these limitations. Moreover, they have equipped service developers with an SDK, empowering them with the necessary tools to bring their avatar-based projects to life.

Visitors to the MWC LV 2023 exhibition will have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the ‘EDEN’ avatar solution at the FROMSEOUL booth, using Oculus devices to explore the limitless possibilities it offers. The company has set its sights on forging partnerships with local entities, especially within the metaverse platform community. Additionally, FROMSEOUL aims to engage with customers in various industries, such as digital twins and game development, where avatar solutions are in high demand. They plan to provide in-depth insights into how ‘EDEN’ can enhance their projects and contribute to their success.

Choi Hyun-se, CEO of FROMSEOUL Inc., expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming MWC event, stating, “This MWC marks a pivotal moment for us to diversify our collaborations with local partners and propel our efforts to capture the North American market.” With ‘EDEN’ leading the charge, FROMSEOUL Inc. is poised to make a significant impact on the metaverse landscape.

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